DOTS Advertising delivers high quality website designing, website development, corporate video films, multimedia flash presentation, graphic and printing solutions, custom-made CMS development, open source customization like: Joomla, WordPress etc., web promotion and search engine optimization services in Doha Qatar. We specialize in developing websites in PHP and ASP.NET technologies.

Our Services

In today’s fast changing and competitive business environment, organizations are facing some new marketing realities. Our StrategyChanging demographics, sophisticated competition and overcapacity in many industries has made companies realize that there are fewer customers to go around resulting in many companies fighting for shares of flat and fading markets.

Thus, in such a scenario, communication needs to be innovative and representative of the company it is originating from. Therefore, no progressive organization can afford to have traditional mundane communication; Our range of innovative and effective solutions offer immense potential to companies that wish to communicate very effectively and leave a lasting impression on their audience.

Our approach towards a project is very simple – contact us and brief us your requirements with regards to budget, duration and process. Our design team and analysts will approach you to learn more about your needs and requirements. Well, you need not talk to us in complex business jargons – you can just speak out your thoughts and expectations which would be quite enough for us to get an idea of your project requirements. We will analyze your information, ask additional questions, offer you more ideas and then formalize your answers in the form of project documentation.

Your advantage is that you get a full technical description of your business needs from our specialists within a short span of time. On the basis of the agreed business requirements, we prepare and propose an optimal, technical solution which will typically have the following phases – Start-up, Design, Development and Delivery.

These four phases are the integral part of any project. But then, depending on the requirements and complexity of a project, its budget, and customer's needs, a project may or may not contain some parts, like user documentation preparation, extra testing etc. This means that our approach is flexible and can be customized according to your specific needs.